This new body care freshness material consists of yarns and fabric treatments that control odors or regulate the body’s microclimate to keep the weather feeling fresh.

The LYCRA® Body Care Freshness collection includes CFAP-1 Odor Shield Polyester Staple. Odor Shield (CFAP-1) is a polyester staple fiber containing a spun-in, non-migratory, sliver-based antimicrobial additive. The antimicrobial additive works by releasing silver from the fiber by means of an ion-exchange mechanism. The odor Shield polyester staple can be blended with other staple yarns, such as cotton or COOLMAX®-qualifying polyesters, to produce antimicrobial spun yarn blends. This garment contains LYCRA® Body Care freshness technology designed to keep clothing smelling fresh and clean longer, and keep people feeling confident, help clothes resist odors.

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