Lycra is a kind of elastic synthetic fiber designed and produced by Invista. It can stretch up six times its original length and recover with very strong elasticity. The clothes made of Lycra® show features like comfort, freedom of movement, nice fit, good shape retention and no wrinkle etc.
Core spun yarns of Lycra® and other yarns, yarn count is between 10/1NE~80/1NE.

Various combinations of covered yarns, such as Nylon + Lycra® SCY or polyester + Lycra® SCY.

Various air covered yarns, such as Nylon + Lycra® ACY or Polyester + Lycra® ACY.

Lycra® core spun yarns are mostly used for stretched woven fabrics and suitable for swimwear, pantyhose, underwear, evening gown or various outwear. People enjoy the nice feeling of comfort and nice fit when wearing them.



Coolmax® is the original performance fabric that's been helping top athletes push harder and longer but is now being discovered for the cool comfort it brings to everyday apparel. Coolmax® has proven physiological benefits that, depending on people need, can be applied to or found in a whole new range of clothing styles - from moderate and high-intensity performance apparel to everyday casual wear.

So consumers get the level of performance they need to stay cool and comfortable in any situation.

Consumers looking for casual, comfortable garments will be happy with the way Coolmax® keeps them cool and confident. The soft, lightweight and breathable fabric gives clothes a natural feel, with an added touch of performance that keeps them comfortable. Consumers who demand enhanced performance from their apparel for their active lifestyles will find that Coolmax® keeps them cooler than other fabrics. Coolmax® moves perspiration away from the body to the fabric's outer surface, where it can evaporate quickly. This thermoregulatory effect helps consumers stay drier and more comfortable.

Extreme athletes know what to look for in a performance fabric and expect nothing less than the best, which is why they value the physiological benefits Coolmax® provides. Coolmax® has proven to reduce skin temperature, lower heart rates during exercise and maintain hydration, while offering excellent moisture management properties.



For gear, performance apparel and work wear, Cordura® can be used in a wider range of products from heavy-duty performance gear and apparel to everyday wear. Cordura® is even tougher to beat. From luggage and backpacks to boots and performance apparel, it is easier than ever to choose the look, texture and weight you need for all kinds of styles.
When put to the test, Cordura® resists tears and abrasions like no other fabric of its kind. It's resistant to abrasions, tears, and scuffs--all the qualities you expect from a high performance fabric. So regardless of people’s activities, people will benefit from the toughness of Cordura®. The fiber options with Cordura® are as plentiful as they are practical. Some popular blends are list as below:
Cordura® Plus/Acrylic - Apparel with this blend is comfortable, warm and quiet--qualities that make it perfect for hunting, workwear and rugged apparel.

Cordura® Plus/Lycra® - To date, this has been the most popular blend, providing a winning combination of durability and flexibility. Available in one-way and two-way stretch fabrics, this blend can be used in warp only, fill only or a combination of both.



Thermolite® Base is a kind of insulation fiber developed by Invista, which received great inspiration from polar bears when they studied the insulation fiber. They came up with the idea to create hollow fibers, which can contain warm air inside the fiber and exclude cold air outside. The fabrics made of it have permanent insulation function with other excellent features like lightness, air permeability, flexibility, comfort, no shrinkage, no wrinkle, and no fade.

100% Thermolite® Based yarn count range is between 20/1NE~40/1NE. Due to restrictions from Invista’s label, fabrics are usually cross-woven in 100% Thermolite® Base yarn and other yarns. Mostly for circular knitted fabrics, such as insulation underwear, high collar sportswear, various outerwear and sleeping bag linings.

Thermolite® is specialy for consumers looking for maximum lightweight warmth and protection in extreme conditions. Meet top performance requirements in activities where maximum warmth and protection are necessary, such as ice climbing. Provide lightweight warmth and movement for any cold-weather activity, such as skiing and hiking. Deliver comfort and warmth in all other winter environments, whether at home or on the job.




TENCEL® is the first new fiber in forty years. It is the answer for modern consumers who want the comfort and luxury of a natural fiber with the practicality of a man-made fiber. Natural in origin, TENCEL® was designed as an environmentally friendly cellulolytic fiber to produce fabrics that maximize comfort and function. TENCEL® is the brand name of Lenzing Fibers for lyocell, the fiber's generic name.

TENCEL® is produced via a highly refined and sophisticated technical process. This fiber is twisted or spun into yarns, which are woven or knitted into fabrics and garments. Whether in 100% or in blends with other fibers, it allows you to create fabrics that are desirable, of high quality and truly perform.

TENCEL® is increasingly used in nonwoven products and is a man-made cellulolytic fiber derived from wood pulp which is harvested from managed forests. Cellulose is the natural polymer that makes up the living cells of all vegetation. TENCEL® is produced via an advanced 'closed loop' solvent spinning process, with minimal impact on the environment and economical use of energy and water. It uses a non-toxic solvent which is continually recycled. TENCEL® has been certified for use of the Oeko-Tex, Confidence in Textiles, mark (issued by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Technology). As a natural fiber TENCEL® is breathable, absorbent and fully biodegradable




Outlast® are in a hydrophilic compound applied as a matrix pattern coating to a base fabric, and are concentrated where they are most effective---at the surface of the fabric. The matrix coating maintains air permeability. The result is superior breath ability and moisture management in a fabric system which helps control the body’s microclimate between the skin and the fabric.

Outlast® Adaptive Comfort® Technology continuously reacts with your body’s temperature to keep the body more comfortable. Excess heat generated by the body is absorbed into the Outlast®, reducing overheating and sweating. This stored heat is released back to the body as needed to reduce chill. By adapting to the body’s needs Outlast® technology creates a Comfort Zone next to the body.

Outlast® works with the body to regulate temperature and humidity better than fabrics or insulation alone. The result is a microclimate that is optimized for individual comfort. Outlast® products interact with the microclimate surrounding your body and the external environment to buffer temperature swings. Unlike fabric insulation that traps heat, Outlast® products absorb, store, and release heat as your body needs it.



Yarn spinners who work with DOW XLA® fiber will appreciate that the fiber can be core-spun using traditional processes (9.5 to 60 Ne). The fiber possesses two key features, proven by independent laboratory tests: heat resistance up to and greater than 220¢XC, and resistance to harsh chemicals. This means that the fiber can withstand most severe dyeing, bleaching, mercerizing, and garment washing conditions without loss of stretch performance. Additionally, DOW XLA® fiber enables cone-dyeing of elastic yarns without the need for special cone designs.

The crystalline network is reversible and hence will re-form upon cooling to ambient temperature. DOW XLA® fiber exhibits excellent resistance to degradation from exposure to process chemicals as well as ultraviolet (UV) and Xenon light, enabling optimal processing methods in preparation, dyeing, and finishing operations. Due to its chemical nature as a polyolefin, DOW XLA® fiber is not degraded by hypochlorite, permanganate, finishing resins, strong acids or alkali. DOW XLA® fiber can withstand exposure to temperatures of up to 220¢XC (450¢XF). This allows greater process capabilities and efficiencies. High temperature processes like singeing and thermo dyeing cause no fiber degradation.




Dri-release® yarn is an intimate blend of Hydrophilic (water loving) and Hydrophobic (water hating) fibers. Dri-release® combines the best features of natural and synthetic fibers while eliminating negative qualities of each fibers. The Hydrophilic natural fibers wicks/absorbs the perspiration from the skin surface and the hydrophobic fibers are responsible for fast drying. The Dri-release® blend has the optimum combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic. The small amounts of hydrophilic fibers intimately blended in the matrix of hydrophobic fibers are just enough to absorb the moisture from the surface of the skin and the hydrophobic fibers drives the moisture out resulting in quick drying.

Because the yarn is intimate blend of fibers the performance of the yarn/fabric is permanent and do not wash out with multiple washings.

Dri-release® yarn can be made with many fiber combinations by blending Hydrophilic fibers (which consists of Cotton, Wool, Silk, Rayon etc) with hydrophobic fibers (which consists of Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic etc). Depending upon the end use application Dri-release® is spun in different blend combinations and using different spinning technologies to suit the particular end use application.